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Three Reasons You Could Talk Yourself Out of Joining Young Living—But They Aren’t Good Reasons!

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Are you thinking about bringing essential oils into your lifestyle, but aren’t sure the best way? Or maybe—are you using essential oils, but buying them at the store or online, one bottle at a time, from various manufacturers? If you are reluctant to join Young Living as a member, you may be talking yourself out of it for no good reason. Here are some of the things you could be telling yourself that just don’t hold up.

1. But I Don’t Want to Sell

This is what my sister said as I was signing her up. She didn’t want to sell. It’s not her thing. She’s not good at it. She just wanted to use the oils.

No worries. You don’t have to sell. You are not required to sell or have any skills in sales or marketing. But here’s what might just happen to you because it happened to my sister.

If you love a restaurant, you tell your friends about it, right? You may even take them there. Do you get a commission for referring them? Probably not. You may get a free appetizer or dessert if the restaurant has a referral scheme. And that’s cool! But do you then get a percentage* based on what they order every time they dine again?

If you love your Young Living essential oils, and share that love with your friends, family, and coworkers, they may just want to become members too. Have them sign up under your unique sponsor and enroller number, and you can earn commissions for as long as they enjoy Young Living! Earn just for sharing your own passions and stories. I signed my sister up in January, and by March she had five people in her downline, just by sharing her passion. She earned her first commission check a month after she signed on. It wasn’t megamillions. It was modest. But it got her attention.

No hard-sell marketing. No cold calls to strangers. Just answer this question—“What are you wearing? You smell amazing!”

It’s Too Expensive

Thieves dish soap

Fourteen dollars for a bottle of dish soap?? Are you crazy? What’s in it—gold?

No. Not gold. But only the purest-grade essential oils and non-toxic plant-based ingredients available. And like all Young Living cleaning products, it’s ultra-concentrated. You’re not paying for extra water or any chemicals, dyes, synthetics, or stuff you don’t need and shouldn’t want. One 12-ounce bottle of Thieves dish soap can, and should, be diluted with water into 48 ounces. A little goes a long way. And this holds true with all Young Living home, personal, and pet-care products.

Plus, with 600 products all priced based on their actual cost of manufacturing, you can be selective based on your budget. And if you sign up for Essential Rewards—the monthly autoship—you earn reward points for free product, and are eligible for monthly freebies. Wait out the specials and sales to get those products for free or discounted that you normally might not splurge on. Save your reward points for that special oil you’ve been dying to order but just couldn’t swing it.

Don’t forget. If you start to build an organization by sharing your passion, you could be earning enough in commissions to pay for your monthly ER order.

I Don’t Want To Be Locked Into Monthly Shipments

I get it. I’ve done those monthly skin-care schemes. They decided how much I would use each month and autocharged and autoshipped. I always ended it with way more than I needed each month, and I had no control! But Essential Rewards is different. You can modify your order every month to be exactly what you want. Keep the same oils and products on your ER order that you use every day, and mix and match the products that last you past your next autoship. And if you need to cancel it outright for a while, no worries. One easy call to Member Services. You don’t lose your membership or your wholesale pricing (but you do forfeit your reward points.) Reactivate it again when you are ready.

Even if you cancel your Essential Rewards, you can always use the Quick Order. You won’t earn reward points, or get freebies, but you still get what you need when you need it, on your own terms. And Quick Order is available to you whenever you need it even when you are on Essential Rewards.

Don’t talk yourself out of joining Young Living. The longer you do, the more you’ll kick yourself once you do become a member and see what you’ve been missing! Contact me today, and I’ll help you get started on a journey that has changed my life for the better and can do the same for you.

*For full details on the YL Commission Plan, see


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