I’m Tired

Mom left the tub running again and went into her room. Then called to me, alarmed, because the tub was filling up. It’s a tub. If you leave the faucet running at full force, it will fill up. She thinks it has to run for a few minutes for the water to heat up, and […]

Simple Devices for More Independent Living

It wasn’t long ago that I mentioned to Mom’s doctor that Mom’s arthritis makes it difficult for her to fully pull the shower diverter up. Not being able to do this meant one of two things. Either I had to do it for her. Or, if I didn’t, the tub would fill up while she […]

You’re Mad at Me Over a Urine Sample??

Mom doesn’t really sundown. Not in the severe sense that I know some people do. Thankfully. I’m acutely aware of how fortunate we are that she does not, thus far, tend towards that particularly upsetting aspect of dementia. But if there’s a time of day when she might be more easily agitated for what seems […]

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