I’m Tired

Mom left the tub running again and went into her room. Then called to me, alarmed, because the tub was filling up. It’s a tub. If you leave the faucet running at full force, it will fill up. She thinks it has to run for a few minutes for the water to heat up, and […]

When Dementia Nearly Gives You a Flood, Take a Bath

Stress Level – Moderate Every morning, Mom puts a space heater on in the bathroom a few minutes before her shower because she can’t stand to shower in anything less than a Roman caldarium. As par usual this morning, she sauntered out past my desk and declared, “I’m just gonna let that warm up a […]

Am I Vain?

I’m asking that myself today, the end of trying and tiring week. The reason why is that I’m feeling a little underappreciated and that makes me wonder exactly who’s problem that is—I’m leaning toward it being my problem. Of course, being the logophile that I am, wondering if I’m vain to want to be appreciated […]

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