Dementia At Night

This was me trying to get Mom to take her bedtime pills last night. Sorry that the video is dark. There was only one light on in the room. I don’t think it is entirely accurate to say that Mom sundowns in the true definition of that phenomenon. Or maybe she’s starting to. I don’t […]

The Outsiders

It’s not uncommon for me to tell people, “If you didn’t know Mom had dementia, you wouldn’t know Mom has dementia.” That’s because all of her social skills are in tact, and she’s smart. I’ve watched her carry on conversations with total strangers who have no inkling that what she is telling them is complete […]

Death, Grief, and Dementia

This morning I had to tell Mom that one of her oldest and closest friends (I’ll call her Mary) had passed away. I wasn’t sure how she’d take it. I wasn’t even sure if I should tell her at all. Mom’s short-term memory is so poor that she may likely forget Mary is dead and […]

Morning Coffee and Dementia

I’ve said before that Mom doesn’t sundown. Being the contrary little enigma that she is, she’s more challenging in the morning. Six days out of a normal week, it doesn’t really matter how long she lingers over her tea, how many pages of coloring she finishes, how many crossword puzzles she does, or how long […]

Even Dementia Must Be Politically Correct, Apparently

I try very hard to avoid controversy on my social media platforms. I long ago began to check myself from wading into the weeds of political or social commentary—especially on Facebook, where I once had to block, unfriend, or mute people who just could not have a civil debate to save their lives. And those […]

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