My Grandmother’s Hands

Yesterday, June 6th, was my grandmother’s birthday. In honor of this wonderful woman, I’m posting a short essay I wrote around Valentine’s Day in 2015. I looked down upon my hand poised over my keyboard and saw a hand familiar but not mine. The hand had an agedness—an oldness. No more a young, fleshy, supple […]

Medication Managed

The term polypharmacy refers to when a person regularly takes five or more prescriptions a day. That describes Mom. She takes eight prescription pills, two supplements and one multi-vitamin every day. Since the supplement dosages are more than once per day, all total she swallows 15 pills per day, three times a day. And that’s […]

Occasionally Assorted Nonsense – The Last In Line

“We’ll know for the first time, If we’re evil or divine.”          The Last In Line          —Dio I am the last of my line. Strictly speaking, that is not entirely true. My brother and I are the last of our line. He and I are both unmarried and childless, and not likely to correct […]

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