Just Keep Swimming

I’ve often likened Mom to a shark. Not in the toothed-and-terrifying-reason-why-I-don’t-go-into-the-ocean way. But in the fact that some sharks have to swim constantly to keep oxygen in the water passing over their gills. They keep swimming to stay alive. That’s always been Mom. Always on the go. She can’t sit still to save her life […]

Dementia Did Not Have To Happen – An Angry Rant

So, while I generally try to publish posts that are uplifting and offer tips or advice, this may or may not be one of those types of posts, exactly. But it will be cathartic, and that’s something I’ve needed for a very long time. What Makes Me Angry – Mom Didn’t Have To Be This […]

Dementia Makes Time Its Bitch

Time and dementia don’t mix. Time means nothing to a person with dementia. It doesn’t pass the way it does for those of us who can feel the expanse and rhythm of a minute in our bones. That’s why Mom and I are often late or nearly late, or very, very early, for anything like […]

When Are Lies OK?

Not All Lies Are Bad I lie to my mother all the time. Not hurtful lies meant to deceive. Little white lies meant to help her world make sense and feel that she’s still in control of everything.  Just as she always had been. When Mom was first diagnosed with dementia and I knew I […]

Lost But Not Completely Forgotten

When you live with someone who suffers from dementia, you find you spend a lot of your time looking for things. I’ve heard tell that as dementia worsens, patients will hide things they consider valuable for safekeeping, and then forget where they put Gram’s wedding rings or a stash of cash. Or they just put […]

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