A Receipt For Regina’s Suicide

Series – Climbing Out of the Hole – A Story of Mental Illness Christ, what have you done? The Pass – Rush I have a receipt for $618.50 dated October 3, 1951—a tiny scrap of 68-year old paper, with that old paper smell. Woodsy. Paper doesn’t smell like that anymore. The receipt was some of […]

Climbing Out of The Hole – A Story of Mental Illness

I’ve been contemplating for a while the notion of starting a series on The Jesson Press about mental and emotional health. It is a subject very near and dear to my heart. I make no bones about the fact that I take an anti-depressant. Nor am I ashamed to admit that mental illness is woven […]

19 Holistic Treatments for Stress & Anxiety

I can’t take any credit for this post. My cousin Michelle Waddell (full credits at the end) did all the research for a presentation she gave entitled, The Reality of Stress, Anxiety, and Depression in the NICU…Is it Real? Best Practices for Nursing Self-Care. She was generous enough to share her research with a group […]


“Walks on his own, with thoughts he can’t help thinking. Future’s above, but in the past he’s slow and sinking. Caught a bolt of lightning. Cursed the day he let it go.” Nothingman—Pearl Jam On this the 22st anniversary of my father’s death, I’m thinking of him. Truth be told, I’ve probably been thinking about […]

You Can’t Be a Caregiver If You Happen to Be Crazy

I could have titled this post “Taking Care of The Caregiver” or “Why a Caregiver Needs to Take Care of Herself.” But you’ve seen those blogs before. And don’t get me wrong, they are important. But this one isn’t about yoga, or meditation, or respite, or support groups. It’s a cautionary tale of what almost […]

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