A Day In The Life – Jeff and Becky

I’m launching a new series on The Jesson Press called “A Day In The Life” in which I welcome volunteer guest contributors to detail, in their own words, one day with dementia. They can be both caregivers and those living a dementia diagnosis. The intent is to bring even more awareness to this condition—the highs […]

The Controversy Over B. Smith – One Caregiver’s Opinion

Yesterday (1/29/19), on ABC’s show The View, they did a segment on the Washington Post piece, including video, on B. Smith, an icon of fashion, restaurants, and lifestyle guru, who now has Alzheimer’s. Full disclosure, I had never heard of B. Smith prior to this segment on The View, and had not yet seen the […]

I Found Amelia Earhart In My Fridge

No. I didn’t. But it got you reading, didn’t it? I’ve blogged about this before, but it bears repeating. Living with someone with dementia is like living in the Bermuda Triangle. Or, maybe more aptly, like living in the Philadelphia Experiment. You know, that theory that in 1943 the US Navy teleported the USS Eldridge, […]

Decisions, Decisions

When I became Mom’s caregiver, I knew instinctively there were going to be decisions that I would have to make for her. When and how to sell her condo and car. Which of her household items would come to my house, or be sold/donated, or gifted to family. Closing her credit cards. Stuff like that […]

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