The Outsiders

It’s not uncommon for me to tell people, “If you didn’t know Mom had dementia, you wouldn’t know Mom has dementia.” That’s because all of her social skills are in tact, and she’s smart. I’ve watched her carry on conversations with total strangers who have no inkling that what she is telling them is complete […]

Let’s Talk Reality, Shall We?

Excerpt from a post from Welcome to Dementialand, a blog by Dr. Elaine Eshbaugh, an associate professor of Gerontology and Family Studies. “You can’t fix dementia. I don’t care how much you love someone or how many books you read. It doesn’t matter if you feed them the perfect diet and travel to specialists across […]

One Caregiver’s Unrealistic Birthday Wish List

My birthday isn’t for another six weeks, but I thought I’d get my wish list circulating, since everything on it is nearly impossible. Anyone wanting to get me something off of it will have to pull some serious metaphysical strings. So, here goes. Rosie the Robot From The Jetson’s Or a self-cleaning house. I’m not […]

A Day In The Life – Jeff and Becky

I’m launching a new series on The Jesson Press called “A Day In The Life” in which I welcome volunteer guest contributors to detail, in their own words, one day with dementia. They can be both caregivers and those living a dementia diagnosis. The intent is to bring even more awareness to this condition—the highs […]

What’s For Dinner? Dementia

My brother is in town, which is always a good reason for a big family dinner. We were all getting together at my sister’s yesterday for a traditional family favorite—homemade sauce, pasta, and breaded meat. Everyone will be there—Mom’s three children (my brother, sister, and me), her two grandchildren (my sister’s son and daughter, and […]

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