I’m Not Hungry, I’ll Just Pick

One thing no one could ever accuse Mom of being is a picky eater. She always joked that if her food didn’t bite her first, she’d eat it. Until lately. I can’t address the pathology for her, exactly, but her dementia has impacted her eating, and apparently, this is not unusual. Her taste buds could […]

You’re Not My Mom

When Things Change Four years ago or so, when I decided to start a blog about Mom, my original title and registered domain were Mom Is Still Mom. But I decided I might want to blog about things other than Mom, hence the current title. Back then, Mom Is Still Mom seemed to be fitting. […]

Dementia At Night

This was me trying to get Mom to take her bedtime pills last night. Sorry that the video is dark. There was only one light on in the room. I don’t think it is entirely accurate to say that Mom sundowns in the true definition of that phenomenon. Or maybe she’s starting to. I don’t […]

I’m Tired

Mom left the tub running again and went into her room. Then called to me, alarmed, because the tub was filling up. It’s a tub. If you leave the faucet running at full force, it will fill up. She thinks it has to run for a few minutes for the water to heat up, and […]

Nobody Likes Change

Mom has always been stubborn. For the most part, her steadfastness has served both her, and me, well over the years. It was her stubbornness that refused to let me cop out on college when I was too afraid. It is her stubbornness that makes her push through the pain of her arthritis rather than […]

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