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Some Things I Am Proud Of

For a while there, when I wasn’t taking care of Mom, blogging, or promoting the benefits of essential oils and CBD, I had a freelance editing and proofreading business. Truth be told, was the least of my endeavors, and I eventually gave it up. The world of editing and proofreading is extremely competitive, with many, many people out there all over the world trying to make it in the business. But I have had a love of the written word my entire life.

Nonetheless and notwithstanding (see I LOVE words!) I am pretty darn proud to share with you book projects I’ve worked on that are published and available for you to enjoy. I’m even more proud to say that I am listed in the acknowledgments of several. I have always dreamed of being a published writer, but I’ll settle for my name in print on the “thank you” page.

Turn Right at the End of the World

Turn Right at The End of the World, by Robert Watkins. This was my first, big project in 2016—my first novel proofreading gig. I will be forever grateful to Robert for allowing me to share his magical work. This book is in the young adult adventure fiction genre, and follows the exploits of Max, Lux, and Ushtey.

Max is fifteen, and all about science. He’s into rockets, and can distill salt water into drinking water with a couple of gourds and his glasses.

“What was one more Close Encounter of the Max kind…”

Lux is his best friend since they were young.

“Well, she didn’t need to hold a globe to look pretty.”

Lux is fourteen, and she has an uncanny ability to sense and talk to animals. She rescued Ushtey, a Manx shearwater, from a cruel, evil man who forced the bird and other animals to do tricks in a traveling circus.

“…only moments later, her dear little friend returned—with everyone he knew.”

She and Ush had barely escaped the clutches of Barnabas Osiris Ptolemy de Miliponce Maximus! And now, Ush has told Lux that the evil man is in Egypt with Ush’s friends as captives. Lux convinces Max that they need to go help Ushtey’s friends, so Max comes up with a daring plan to get them to Egypt aboard a private Airbus A380 owned by an eccentric and elusive billionaire.

This is a fun read for kids and adults! It’s only available through iTunes, so download your copy today.

Not just words

Not Just Words, How a Good Apology Makes You Braver, Bolder, and Better at Life, by Donna Moriarty. Non-fiction. This little book is a must have for anyone who has trouble with the simple act of saying, “I’m sorry.” As Donna writes, her book,

“…is neither a self-help book nor an etiquette how-to guide. It isn’t about table manners or trying to be perfect. Instead, it is for those times when we blow it.”

Donna writes in an upfront, engaging manner. She uses cases studies to make her points, and gives the reader easy-to-use tips for delivering that great apology.

Get it on Amazon!


Life in Overtime, A Memoir of Perseverance, by Tierra Rogers. This was an absolute pleasure to work on. Teirra is a strong, gifted, remarkable young woman who grew up in the Projects of San Francisco. In the course of a couple of years, she lost her father to gun violence and the dream of playing professionally with the WNBA. Tierra is gut-wrenchingly honest about her ordeal and the pain it caused her. And she’s inspiring when she describes how she pulled herself out of horrific events to become a motivational speaker. She shares her young life with others because she wants to make a difference, something her father did for her and their community.

Get it on Amazon.


Bankers Are People, Too. How Finance Works, by Jan Musschoot. Jan is a former banker who also happens to hold a PhD in physics!  He’s one smart guy. And he was fun to work with. Through step-by-step explanations, Jan—

“…shows that banking is not rocket science.”

I learned a great deal just editing this book. Finance was never my strong suit, in college or beyond. But Jan lays it all out simply and concisely, without oversimplifying it. It’s an enjoyable read, and a must have for anyone interested in investing. Or if you just want to understand the finance report on the nightly news!

Get it on Amazon.

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