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One Caregiver’s Unrealistic Birthday Wish List

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My birthday isn’t for another six weeks, but I thought I’d get my wish list circulating, since everything on it is nearly impossible. Anyone wanting to get me something off of it will have to pull some serious metaphysical strings. So, here goes.

Rosie the Robot From The Jetson’s

Or a self-cleaning house. I’m not married to either input as long as the output is a house that isn’t back to being a mess 30 minutes after I clean it.

The Food Replicator From Star Trek

It doesn’t necessarily have to shoot out martinis on a regular basis. But on those nights when I just don’t feel like cooking….

Han Solo

I fail to see the need for an explanation.

Acceptable Substitution in the Event Han is Not Available

Again, if I have to explain it…

The Standing Stones at Craigh Na Dun From Outlander

Not so much so I can go back to find a gorgeous red-headed Scot. I mean, if I have the time, why not? But really I’d like to go back to a time before Mom had dementia. I’d bring the pre-dementia Mom back, and that’s where my last birthday wish comes in.

The Holodeck From Star Trek

I’d upload all Mom’s memories so that no matter what happens, I’ll always be able to find her again.

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