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Oily Happy People is merging with The Jesson Press to be rebranded as Oily Happy People at The Jesson Press.

When I started my essential oils business and my blog, I branded them separately and marketed them separately. I did that because, at the time, I felt they were separate ventures. One was about taking care of Mom, and the other was a home-based business that allowed me the flexibility to take care of Mom in our home. So, it made sense to shoot for different audiences. I maintained different websites and social media platforms. But things change.

I’ve since begun to see a nexus with my blog, which is primarily about taking care of Mom, but also the health, well-being, and natural benefits of my essential oils (and now CBD products) and of course, “Occasionally Assorted Nonsense.”

It makes sense, really, that they are all connected. I started using essential oils initially to find ways to promote a healthier life for Mom that were natural and non-toxic. Then, more recently, I was turned on to CBD, and the very real, proven health benefits of this wonder plant called hemp. Essential oils and CBD are big parts of how I care for Mom. So why shouldn’t The Jesson Press blog site be the jumping off point for Young Living and CTFO products?

One-Stop Shopping

Now you can read my blogs about Mom, about dementia, about Midway, about mental and emotional health, and about why I love and use essential oils and CBD every day. And if you decide essential oils and/or CBD might be right for you, you can click on the Shop link and get your own. In the coming weeks and months, I will be improving the site pages and rebranding all my Oily Happy People material and related posts. But for now, you can still find me here and on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram.

Amazon Storefront

Oh and don’t forget that The Jesson Press has its own Amazon Storefront, too. Product categories include Dementia-Friendly Home, Not Just For Caregivers, Healthy Home/Healthy Planet, Caregiver Lifesavers, and Books on Dementia.

Social Media

The Oily Happy People social media profiles will remain active only to direct folks to The Jesson Press. I will no longer be posting new material at OHP. So, if you follow OHP on one of my social media platforms and want to continue to get updates and posts, follow The Jesson Press!

Thank You

I want to say thank you to all who follow, support, and provide feedback to The Jesson Press. When I started this blog in November 2017, I did it mostly to be an outlet to the challenges of taking care of someone with memory loss and cognitive dysfunction. I didn’t know if anyone would ever read my stuff, I just knew I had something to share. Since then, I have found a wonderful, engaging, supportive, knowledgeable, and indispensable community of fellow caregivers. I love you all, and you know who you are.

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  1. Madonna Dietsch

    Looking forward to new posts from OHP

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