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If You Still Support Trump, You Are Dead To Me

Florida is a shit show thanks to our Trump sycophant governor, and Mom and I remain practically trapped in our home. We’ve seen our nieces/grand and great grand daughters ONCE since the first week of March. We were about to start experimenting with outdoor visits regularly again. But my nephew’s police department has several COVID cases, so visits are again scrapped for a while.




Since lock down, my 16 month old niece has started walking, and now she is talking more. Not that Mom and I’ve been able to share it.

My other niece turned 5. No birthday party for her.

My brother can’t come to visit his mother unless he self-isolates here for 14 days first.

Mom hasn’t seen any of her friends since the first week of March.
Trump’s lackey Peter Navaro was on CNN claiming that the virus is weaponized, either intentionally or unintentionally. So, what? We are going to war with China to cover up Trump’s complete incompetence?

I am done. I am so done with this bullshit.

I honestly hope that all those MAGAts who go to the orange asshole’s rallies, without masks and without social distancing, get the virus and thin the herd of this stupid, intellectually and mentally stymied gene pool who elected him and continue to support him.

I want to hug and play with my nieces. I want Mom to see her grandchildren. I want Mom to see her friends. I want Mom to get a visit from her son.

I want this over. If anyone who reads this still supports Trump and plans to vote for him in November, PLEASE let me know so I can cut you out of my life. I don’t want to know you anymore, seriously, no bullshit, not kidding, if you can see what is happening to our country and not see why or who is to blame. You are complicit. And you are dead to me.

I’m done.

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