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Essential Oils 101 – Post #11

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Well, it’s been a little while since my last Essential Oils 101 post. I’ve been busy! Including a week’s vacation in Paris. But it’s time to get back to talking all things essential oils. In this post, I am discussing ways to use essential oils and oil-infused products around your house.

Young Living’s “Home” category offers safe, essential oil-infused alternatives for products you use every day.

Just a quick look at the labels of many home products—like spray cleansers, hand soaps, and even toothpastes—reveal toxic ingredients that a growing body of research indicates may be harmful even in small amounts!

Now you are able to fill your home with amazingly effective products you can feel good about!

  • ORAL CARE – Smile your brightest with oil-infused products designed to help keep your teeth looking healthy.
  • HEALTHY COOKING – Young Living has a full line of popular essential oils that can be used in moderate amounts in cooking. For instance, try adding a drop or two of Lime Vitality to fresh salsa or to your favorite Mexican-inspired marinade; Lemon Vitality to grilled fish; Peppermint Vitality to hot cocoa; or Basil Vitality and Oregano Vitality to homemade pasta sauce.
  • HOME PURIFICATION – Get rid of stale odors and keep your home smelling awesome with essential oil air freshening solutions using one of several great oil diffusers.
  • NATURAL PROTECTION – Some essential oils offer natural support for the body’s systems. Young Living has many effective formulas that can help support the wellness that you need to keep going strong.
  • PETS – Your pets are members of the family too! Give them the same effective, chemical-free care from a great line of oil-infused pet care products designed for your pets’ fur and skin.

Next post I will be sharing something important from the Consumer Product Safety Commission that you might not even know!


Disclaimer Notice: This information is intended for educational purposes only, and is not meant to substitute for medical care or to prescribe treatment for any specific health condition.

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