Restrictions Eased? Not For Some, & Why I’m Angry As Hell About It

Warning: This post contains explicit language and some serious rantings. All 50 states are easing their COVID-19 restrictions to some extent. Well ain’t that fucking grand. Does Mom and me no good, but hope everyone else is having a rocking good time. I’d like to be magnanimous and say I’m happy for all those who […]

“And I’ll Keep This World From Draggin’ Me Down”

A friend of mine posted this meme on his Facebook feed today, and I thought it was so apropos. Last night, I severed ties with a casual friend who I honestly believe to be a kind, well-intentioned woman, but, of whom I believe has some very dangerous ideology. And it is not just that her […]

So, Now Grief Shaming is a Thing

What? I Didn’t Cry Enough For Your Liking? Expressing shock and sadness about the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter, but not enough about the others on board, or the thousands of other strangers who die every second of every day, not meeting the invisible bar that someone set up without you knowing there’s […]

The Jesson Press in Paris – The Louvre, Line Jumpers, & Mona

I’m back from Paris, but only now just getting around to posting a few blogs about my trip. That’s ok. These are not travel pieces, per se. Don’t look real diligently for those typical, “10 Things You Must Do!” or, “Best Places to Eat!” But these are my musings, written versions of the ongoing dialogue […]

The Jesson Press in Paris – Day 1

Day 1 in Paris, I’m not gonna lie, has been exhausting. But I am sitting on the steps of Sacra Cour loooking out over the gargantuan city of Paris and life is good. It is 68 degrees out, breezy, and most people are dressed in fall jackets and scarves. I’m in a sundress and in […]

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