Restrictions Eased? Not For Some, & Why I’m Angry As Hell About It

Warning: This post contains explicit language and some serious rantings. All 50 states are easing their COVID-19 restrictions to some extent. Well ain’t that fucking grand. Does Mom and me no good, but hope everyone else is having a rocking good time. I’d like to be magnanimous and say I’m happy for all those who […]

“Is Your Mom Getting Worse?”

It has been a while since I’ve posted about Mom. While the early days, months, and years of our journey down Dementia Road were fraught with new challenges, things I’d never expected, and a fair sampling of, “What the fucks?”, we’d kinda reached a sort of homeostasis. Routine. Not much to write about. But lately, […]

I’m Not Hungry, I’ll Just Pick

One thing no one could ever accuse Mom of being is a picky eater. She always joked that if her food didn’t bite her first, she’d eat it. Until lately. I can’t address the pathology for her, exactly, but her dementia has impacted her eating, and apparently, this is not unusual. Her taste buds could […]

Trick, Treat, and Ouch

Too Much of a Good Thing Last night Mom and I went trick or treating with my niece and grand nieces (Mom’s grand daughter and great grand daughters.) It was the first time we had gone with them, and I was pretty excited cuz I just love them all to pieces and so does Mom. […]

You’re Not My Mom

When Things Change Four years ago or so, when I decided to start a blog about Mom, my original title and registered domain were Mom Is Still Mom. But I decided I might want to blog about things other than Mom, hence the current title. Back then, Mom Is Still Mom seemed to be fitting. […]

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