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“And I’ll Keep This World From Draggin’ Me Down”

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A friend of mine posted this meme on his Facebook feed today, and I thought it was so apropos. Last night, I severed ties with a casual friend who I honestly believe to be a kind, well-intentioned woman, but, of whom I believe has some very dangerous ideology. And it is not just that her ideology is, in my opinion, dangerous, but that she actively spreads it. I’ve long held the belief that if you are not part of the solution, you are just part of the problem. And maybe the only solution available to me is that I refuse to validate dangerous ideology through the lens of disinterested friendship, cordiality, or casual association.

We are drifting along in a rudderless life boat during a time of global pandemic, and yet there are still anti-vaxxers out there who, if a vaccine is developed, will STILL refuse to get it. There are those spewing that all you have to do is believe in the blood of a homeless drifter who may or may not have lived 2,000 years ago, and you won’t get sick. There are those on Facebook, and Twitter, and YouTube, you know, all the reliable sources, saying COVID-19 is a grand, deep-state conspiracy, and that we shouldn’t listen to the top scientists, who by way have not been publicly discredited, because some people want to get their roots touched up. And my favorite are those that have no problem with, “No shirt, no shoes, no service” but are protesting that requiring patrons to wear a mask is a violation of civil liberties.

Let’s Just Break It Down

Let’s work backward and start with the whole civil liberties bullshit argument. Having civil liberties does not equal you can do whatever the fuck you want. You may WANT to punch me in the face, but your inalienable right to punch me in the face is at odds with my inalienable right to not want you to punch me in the face. Your rights end when they endanger others. That’s why murder, and rape, and child abuse, and driving under the influence are crimes.

And it’s not even that I don’t sympathize with all those who are in dire economic straights who want to see the country reopen before they lose everything. But when I see and hear some of the inane, Lord of the Flies arguments that we just might have to sacrifice some lives for the good of everyone else I think, “Ok. You first, right?” And then you find out that some of these people, who I am sure have never even heard of Jonathan Swift, are right-wing evangelicals who don’t believe in Darwinism. That’s some weapons-grade irony.

And one more point. If and when we reopen the economy, let’s do it with some science, could we? Please? Pretty please? Here’s an enlightening article about how the virus spreads. It’s your HVAC system, stupid.

Plandemic – Just Stop Already

Judy Mikovits is a liar and a fraud trying to sell books. She and her video have been completely debunked by multiple reliable sources. She’s doing what all scam artists do—play into your worst fears and crackpot ideology and validate, without third party verification, everything you already believed. If you send me that video, or even post something remotely laudable about it or her, even so much as a, “something to think about….”, you are as good as dead to me.

The Blood of Jesus Couldn’t Even Save Him

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don’t go all, “lamb of god, he sacrificed himself willingly to save us.” I survived Catholic school. I’m hip to your lingo. But that’s your belief. Not mine. And if you want to pack a church on Easter, get infected, fine. Have at it. Darwinism. But then have the decency to keep your fucking distance from me when I’m picking out lemons at Publix. I don’t infringe on your right to believe in a sky god. Don’t infringe on my right to believe that you are potentially Typhoid Mary ‘cuz you just couldn’t Zoom a few Sundays.

No Anti-Vaxxers Allowed

In addition to a No Soliciting sign on my front door, I think I’m going to hang a No Anti-Vaxxers. Seriously. Just stay the hell away from me. You want to down a fifth of whiskey, grab your keys, and take the auto out for a joy ride? Stay off my street. That’s how I see anti-vaxxers. The anti-vaccine “movement” has been debunked again and again. And again.

You know why the Black Death killed 60% of Europe’s population in the mid 14th century? Because there were no such things as vaccines. You know why 1 in 13 of all deaths were caused by smallpox prior to 1796? Because that’s the year the vaccine was introduced. The first vaccine ever. And yet it still took until 1980 before it was declared globally eradicated. That’s how nasty smallpox is.

One Person Can’t Change the World, But That Doesn’t Mean We Shouldn’t Try

Many, many years ago, I watched a documentary on the Holocaust. A former soldier who was with a group that first liberated one of the camps mused that what he witnessed was so horrific, he wanted it never to happen again. He recognized that as one, simple person, he could not on his own effect the change necessary. But that after what he had seen, he could not just walk away, give up, or accept that he if alone wasn’t the solution, he shouldn’t try to be, nevertheless. Because if you are not part of the solution, you are just part of the problem.

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